Thomas G. Granville

Thomas G. Granville
Managing Director & CFO

THOMAS GRANVILLE, Managing Director, Principal and Co-Founder of Whitney Capital Company, L.L.C., is responsible for the company's development, acquisition and asset management of multi-family housing. Whitney Capital Company, L.L.C. specializes in the acquisition, development and ownership of apartment properties. Since forming Whitney Capital Company, L.L.C. with Garry Munson in 1996, Mr. Granville has developed and retained an interest in over 4,500 multi-family units with an aggregate capitalization of over $550 million in addition to retaining an ownership position in apartment units developed during Mr. Granville's tenure at Related Residential Company. Mr. Granville also serves as a principal and Vice President of Whitney Management Corp., an affiliate of Whitney Capital Company, L.L.C. now managing 3,779 multifamily units. Mr. Granville currently holds an interest in 30 multi-family properties totaling 3,046 units, with a total market value of over $400 million, as well as a commercial property with a market value of $5 million.

Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Granville was Senior Vice President and a principal of Related Residential Company. Mr. Granville was responsible for the company's development, acquisition and asset management of its affordable housing portfolio. Before joining Related Residential, Mr. Granville served as an asset manager for Related Management Company during which time he supervised an affordable multi-family portfolio of over 20,000 multi-family units. Both Related Residential Company and Related Management Company were affiliates of The Related Companies, a firm which was consistently ranked as one of the largest owners of apartment housing in the United States.

During his tenure at Whitney Capital Company, L.L.C. Mr. Granville has been responsible for the acquisition, development and re-financing of over $550 million of multi-family assets. In his capacity as Senior Vice President of Related Residential, Mr. Granville was responsible for the acquisition and development of affordable housing with an aggregate capitalization in excess of $100 million.

Mr. Granville graduated from Georgetown University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and from New York University, where he received a Master of Science in Real Estate Development and Finance, with distinction.

Mr. Granville is a member of the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association (“NHRA”), the New York State Association for Affordable Housing (“NYSAFAH.”) and the Garden City Real Estate Professionals Foundation (“GCRE.”) Mr. Granville previously served on the Board of the Garden City Athletic Association (“GCAA”) as Basketball Director where he oversaw a 1,100-player basketball program, including intramural, travel and Challenger platforms. In addition, Mr. Granville was heavily involved in the Long Island Lightning AAU Basketball program coaching several nationally competitive teams. Mr. Granville also served on the Cherry Valley Club Board of the Cherry Valley Club as its Golf Tournament Chairman for 2 years and Golf Chairman for 7 years. While his Board tenure has ended, Mr. Granville continues to run golf tournaments in an effort to raise money for charities including the Folds of Honor, The Inn and Rota-Care.

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